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CNCS grantees are required to report their subawards (subgrants) over $25,000 using www.FSRS.govReporting is due by the end of the month, following the award of each subgrant.  Please ensure that your reporting is complete and current. If you need technical assistance uploading subgrant records, you will find help desk resources at Questions on compliance with this requirement should be directed to your grants officer.

Recently, the Office of Grants Management conducted a webinar addressing USASpending and Its Importance to CNCS Grantees and Sponsors The webinar is now available as a 49-minute audio and slide-deck recording found here at this link. Also available are frequently asked questions based on the webinar discussion and chat. We plan to hold progressively more advanced sessions to ensure that your questions and concerns are addressed.

Once your subgrant data is entered into FSRS, it becomes available through Congress uses USASpending as its first stop for grant data, and missing subgrant award records can delay clearance for access to National Service Criminal History Check vendor resources.  For these reasons and to strengthen transparency, grantees are encouraged to voluntarily report all subawards including $0 subgrants awarded to support non-financial volunteers, federal benefits, as well as sub-awards designed to pass-through matching funds.  If you operate service sites and stations and similar locations where individuals are placed to perform their volunteer service but do not make a subgrant to those locations (e.g. AmeriCorps VISTA), please do not report those non-subgrant associations.

If you have questions on grant and subgrant reporting, the webinar recording or FAQs, or suggestions to improve this training effort, please send them to

In Service,

Joseph Liciardello, Acting Chief Grants Officer
Corporation for National and Community Service Grant Offices
Washington, DC and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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