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The purpose of this bulletin is to alert CNCS grantees and prospective CNCS grant applicants to a new feature in the System on Award Management website (  The new feature requires your acknowledgement of and agreement with government-wide representations and certifications.

When you are renewing your registration, or if you are registering for the first time, you will be directed to “Reps and Certs” under “Entity Registration."  You must select either “yes” or “no” after reviewing the Representations and Certifications.  The Office of Management and Budget has made this change to increase commonality and simplify federal grant award administration across the federal government.  For more information on this feature in SAM please visit:

There is no requirement to log into at this time unless your annual registration renewal is coming due, or you need to register for the first time.  CNCS is investigating whether or not we can eliminate redundancy within the similar but not identical Certifications and Assurances that we require you to acknowledge when you sign a grant application in our eGrants system.

If you have questions on this new requirement with respect to CNCS grants and funding, please direct them to Steven Mazzola at  Please send suggestions for future bulletin topics to Doug Godesky at

In Service,

Joseph Liciardello, Acting Chief Grants Officer
Corporation for National and Community Service Grant Offices
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