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Introductory Remarks: Lily Zandniapour, Research and Evaluation Manger, ORE, CNCS

Presentation 1:

  • Title: Expanding the Footprint: How Habitat for Humanity Affiliates Expanded Capacity Through the National Service Program
  • Presenters: Daniel Cooper, Ph.D., Executive Director, Center for Equitable Cities, Adler University; Judah Viola, Ph.D., Dean, College of Professional Studies and Advancement, National Louis University; Bradley Olson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, Co-Director of Community Psychology Program, National Louis University
  • Abstract: Does hosting AmeriCorps State and National and VISTA members expand Habitat for Humanity (HFH) Affiliates' capacity to serve communities across the United States?  To answer this question researchers conducted a quasi-experimental evaluation for HFH AmeriCorps program and utilized survey data from members during their year of service, program alumni, and affiliates. This research revealed five important findings: (1) national service members increased HFH host site capacity to serve more families by building and rehabbing more homes; (2) members increased HFH host sites' capacity to serve more families by engaging more volunteers; (3) members learned new and transferrable skills; (4) a year of national service provided a pipeline into community development professions; and (5) it successfully connected AmeriCorps members to the local community and the families served.

Presentation 2:

  • Title: Measuring Impact of National Service: Lessons from Research
  • Presenter: Daniel Teles, Research Associate, Urban Institute
  • Abstract: How can we measure AmeriCorps (AC) programs' (i.e., AC State and National, VISTA) impact on nonprofits' capacity and ability to serve communities across the United States? Data collection and standardization can make this possible, but place a burden on nonprofits.  Nonprofits already collect a lot of data for themselves, their donors, their grantors, and the government.  How can the data be integrated so that we can better quantify the impact of national service programs?

Closing Remarks: Bethany Cannon, Specialist, Long-term Volunteer Department, Habitat for Humanity International and Anthony Nerino, Research Analyst, ORE, CNCS

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