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Introductory Remarks: Dr. Mary Hyde, Director, ORE, CNCS


  •  Lily Zandniapour, ORE, CNCS
  • Anthony Nerino, ORE, CNCS
  • Sadie O'Connor, Reading & Math, Inc.
  • Adam Mauer, Citizen Schools
  • LaVal Brewer, Playworks
  • Lara Dreier, College Possible


CNCS is interested in the scale-up of evidence-based programs in order to use national service to bring effective solutions to communities in need. Since 2016, CNCS has spearheaded an effort to deepen the agency’s understanding of the most effective program innovations, its knowledge base on scaling these programs, and factors that facilitate or hinder scaling. This session will introduce the goals, framework, and process that guide this work and highlight the broader implications. Specifically, this session will have utility for Commissions and grantees interested in evidence-based programming and building readiness for scaling.

Following an overview presentation by CNCS staff, a panel of grantees will discuss their experiences and practices with evidence building and scaling. During a Q&A session, participants will discuss the wider application of this approach.

Closing Remarks: Dr. Mary Hyde, Director, ORE, CNCS

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