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Featured FAQs


What are "Independent Service Projects"?

Independent Service Projects are volunteer opportunities that members arrange themselves that are separate from the day-to-day team project.  ISPs allow Members to expand on a personal area of interest or try something completely new.

Corps Members are required to complete at least 80 ISP hours prior to graduation. For FEMA Corps Members at least 10 of their ISP hours must be in either disaster preparation, response, and/or recovery work.

Although Team Leaders are exempt from the ISP requirement, they may choose to participate if it is involves something they are interested in and it does not interfere with other duties.

Will transgender and gender non-conforming Corps Members and Team Leaders who choose to medically transition always be able to access medical services and/or pharmacies during their term of service?

As with any member who requires maintenance medicine, AmeriCorps NCCC encourages transgender members to procure medications they take regularly prior to deployment on project rounds. Many projects require members to live in remote areas and/or to camp for up to 10 – 12 weeks, where they may not have the same access to medical services to which they are accustomed. Members are encouraged to discuss and plan for their medical needs, if they feel comfortable, with the pre-service health unit staff.

I have a medical marijuana card. Does that mean I am allowed to use marijuana while in AmeriCorps NCCC?

No, state-based medical marijuana cards do not authorize member to use marijuana while in AmeriCorps NCCC because marijuana use is prohibited under federal law and AmeriCorps NCCC is a federal program.

I’m nervous about the physical training requirement of AmeriCorps NCCC. What does physical training (PT) actually consist of?

The purpose of AmeriCorps NCCC physical training (PT) is self-improvement and team bonding. The typical workout schedule includes three, 45-minute sessions per week. One or more members on each team is designated as the PT coordinator and organizes the sessions. PT sessions can include calisthenics, running, yoga and structured activities, like hiking or going to the gym  Policy surrounding PT may vary between campuses.

I am a teacher or school counselor, can I get someone to come speak to my students about this opportunity?

We're always looking for ways to connect more students to AmeriCorps opportunities. If you're interested in AmeriCorps NCCC specifically, please send us a message and we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours. For all other AmeriCorps programs, please email engagement@cns.gov. Depending on where you live, we may be able to visit your students in person or schedule a webinar with your class.

How can I stay updated on what my child is doing while they are serving in AmeriCorps NCCC?

Each regional office of AmeriCorps NCCC manages a Facebook page that is updated on a regular basis. Through this medium, staff share projects individual teams are working on, as well as information about members' progress through their service terms. Members may also travel with a personal cell phone or other device so they can remain connected to loved ones during service.

How can I share information about AmeriCorps with my students, children, or other young adults?

There are many ways to help us spread the word about AmeriCorps. You can order flyers and other print materials from our free online ordering system, use our brand resources to give a presentation, or engage with us on social media. For more information, visit our Partners and Educators page.

I have “x” medical condition and want to apply for AmeriCorps NCCC?

Each applicant is looked at on a case by case basis. We do not have a list of medical conditions that will automatically disqualify you from service. If the Medical Screening Unit needs any additional information from you they will contact you.

Can I get college credits because I served in AmeriCorps NCCC?

AmeriCorps NCCC currently offers undergraduate college credit for the following courses: Introduction to Service Learning (3 credit hours) and Diversity in Service (3 credit hours). A course in Core Supervisory Skills (3 credit hours) is available for Team Leaders. All courses require classroom, field work and a final exam taken when you return to campus before graduation.

What is the deadline for applying for an AmeriCorps NCCC team?

Project Concept Form and Service Project Application deadlines are determined by each Regional Campus. Please contact your Region’s Staff to determine when applications are being accepted. More information can also be found on our National Request for Proposals.

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