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The Middle with Jeremy Hobson

Do you feel a call to serve your country?

The Middle with Jeremy Hobson | March 29, 2024

This episode of The Middle asks: do you feel a call to serve your country? Host Jeremy Hobson is joined by AmeriCorps CEO Michael D. Smith and Major General (Ret.) Linda Singh.

Listen to the episode

Letters: Investing in AmeriCorps is Investing in Louisiana's Future

Nola.com | April 1, 2024

Across Louisiana, Teach For America’s network of 600 teachers and district leaders have been working with local students, families and communities in New Orleans and Baton Rouge for over 30 years to increase learning and opportunities for Louisiana’s students. Read more on Nola.com.

Do You Feel a Call to Serve Your Country?

The Middle with Jeremy Hobson | March 29, 2024

On this episode of The Middle we're we're asking you: do you feel a call to serve your country? Jeremy is joined by Major General (Ret.) Linda Singh and AmeriCorps CEO Michael D. Smith. Listen here.

A Proclamation on National Public Health Week, 2024

The White House | March 29, 2024

During National Public Health Week, we celebrate the life-saving care of public health professionals who work tirelessly to promote our country’s health, safety, and well-being. We recognize that the healthier Americans are as individuals, the stronger we are as a Nation. Read more on The White House.

Outside Education and Experiences: Scovens Sisters Spark Students’ Stewardship of Nature

Elizabeth Deornellas 
Lancaster Online | March 26, 2024

For twin sisters Keisha and Tarsha Scovens, seeing their students enjoying nature with their families is proof positive that their outdoors education work is paying dividends. Read more on Lancaster Online.

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