AmeriCorps NCCC is a full-time, team-based residential service program for 18-26 year-olds. AmeriCorps members serving in the NCCC program represent a wide variety of socioeconomic, cultural, geographic, and educational backgrounds.

AmeriCorps members serving in the NCCC program are assigned to one of four regional campuses and then placed into teams ranging between 8-12 members. The teams complete a variety of service projects, which are generally 3 to 13 weeks in duration, and respond to local communities’ needs throughout the United States and territories. Each team has a specially trained Team Leader who serves and resides with the team. Each team is provided with one 15-passenger van and fuel is covered by AmeriCorps (for locations in the continental US). Each team is also allocated funds for food and laundry. All members are background-checked and fully insured by the Federal Tort Claims Act and Federal Employees Coverage Act.

Teams live in the communities they serve to better understand the culture, participate in service-learning, and build leadership and life skills.

Eligibility Requirements

The following organizations are eligible to be a project sponsor:

  • Nonprofits, secular, and faith-based organizations
  • Local municipalities or city government
  • State government
  • Federal government
  • Native American and Alaskan tribes
  • National or state parks, forests, and other public lands
  • Schools 

AmeriCorps' NCCC program was designed to assist agencies on a short-term basis. In order to adhere to this programmatic structure, and to strengthen visibility across the nation by serving with more agencies, the AmeriCorps NCCC program has put limits on the amount of resources a project sponsor can access from the AmeriCorps NCCC program.

An NCCC program project sponsor may receive AmeriCorps resources for up to 60 weeks, contingent upon application approval. Exceptions can be granted for strategic, mission critical projects and disaster response and recovery projects.

Responsibilities and Expectations of Project Sponsor

Sponsors of an AmeriCorps NCCC team want to respond to a need in their community. Sponsors provide a meaningful experience for AmeriCorps members during their 3 to 13 weeks of service with the organization or entity.

What do Project Sponsors provide?

  • On-site technical oversight and direction with the team each day
  • At least 40 hours of enriching service per week, per member
  • Project supplies, equipment, materials, and any necessary building permits
  • Schedule of work & training plan
  • Lodging with showers (Eg: Churches, community centers, dorms, campsites, cabins, etc.)
  • Cooking facilities (unless meals are provided)
  • Service-learning support and opportunities to understand community impact
  • Inclement-weather work plan

How to apply - NCCC Traditional

1. Contact your regional campus

Determine the appropriate AmeriCorps NCCC Regional Campus for your point of contact. Reach out to campus staff to discuss your ideas for a project, clarify questions, and learn more about the NCCC program, as well as other AmeriCorps programs.

Find your regional campus

2. Complete concept form

Complete and submit an AmeriCorps NCCC Project Concept Form*. This form provides a brief overview of the applying organization and a tentative project plan for the team.
*Not required for immediate disaster response projects.

Please note: Download the following document directly to your computer. Open and complete the document using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

3. Submit an application

Upon review of the Project Concept Form, AmeriCorps will invite the organization to submit a full application or request additional information.

Applications are reviewed and awarded a team with consideration to:
• Compelling Need
• Geographic Distribution
• Availability of Teams
• Costs related to Team Deployment
• Additional Evaluation Criteria Listed in the Application Instructions

Please note: Download the following document directly to your computer. Open and complete the document using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

How to apply - Disaster Response

1. Complete an application

Complete the Service Project Application for Disaster Response. No Project Concept Form is required.

Please note: Download the following document directly to your computer. Open and complete the document using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

2. Submit your application

Submit this completed application to your Regional Office, with a digital signature, for consideration.