Dear Colleagues,

As part of President Obama’s goal to create a more open and citizen-centric government, the Corporation for National and Community Service today is releasing its Open Government Plan. You can read the plan on our open government web page.

Our plan recognizes that government is more effective when it shares information, gets ideas from the public, and partners with organizations and citizens to get things done. These principles have long guided our work, but are taking on greater urgency under this plan.

The plan contains detailed information on our current activities and future improvements to increase transparency, collaboration, and participation. It details a number of steps we will take to become more open, including:

  • Create an Open Government Council to oversee our open government efforts.
  • Streamline our Freedom of Information Act process.
  • Establish a process for publishing more data online, including communications with Congress, funding and activities by geographic area, and grantee progress reports.
  • Share the results of AmeriCorps member end-of-term satisfaction surveys to help future members make informed decisions about where they want to serve and to assist programs in identifying areas where they need to improve.
  • Improve the quality and accessibility of information about national service activities in states and cities by making it available in downloadable data sets, providing contact information and program descriptions, and using interactive maps and mobile applications to share data.
  • Expand public input in decision-making by seeking feedback on our 2011-2015 Strategic Plan, exploring avenues for virtual participation in public Board meetings, providing free online access to the 2010 National Conference on Volunteering and Service, and strengthening our culture of participation.
  • Increase collaboration by engaging high-profile leaders to spread the call to service through public service announcements, expanding use of social media, improving volunteer matching technology, and launching new programs to strengthen volunteer management, nonprofit capacity, and social innovation.

This plan is a living document, and openness a long-term commitment. We welcome your input on the plan, what data we should release, how we can be more participatory, and other ways we can open up more to the public. Please send your ideas to

The release of the plan is a first step. Its implementation will require a determined effort over a long period of time. We are committed to its success, not just to make government more accountable and effective, but to advance goals that are central to our mission: strengthening democracy and citizen participation.


Bill Anderson
Acting Chief Financial Officer
Corporation for National and Community Service