AmeriCorps Seniors’ proposed new rule is open for comment until April 15 

WASHINGTON, DC — AmeriCorps, the federal agency for national service and volunteerism, recently announced a proposed rule to reduce barriers to service for individuals and increase flexibility for sponsors of AmeriCorps Seniors programming. 

This proposed rule would remove barriers for older adults to serve as AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers by simplifying how income is calculated for determining eligibility to receive a stipend in a manner that limits what is considered income. It would further allow volunteers to continue to receive a stipend when sponsors place them on administrative leave due to extenuating circumstances preventing service.  

The proposed rule would increase flexibility for AmeriCorps Seniors sponsors by removing the prescriptive requirement for them to employ a full-time project director. It would establish a single 10-percent match requirement regardless of year, making the match requirement for RSVP grants consistent with the existing 10-percent requirement for AmeriCorps Seniors Senior Companion and Foster Grandparent programs. Finally, it would allow sponsors to use non-AmeriCorps funds to pay more than (but not less than) the AmeriCorps-established rates for stipend programs.  

The proposal is open for public comment until Monday, April 15. To view the proposed rule, visit the Federal Register.