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In September 2022, staff at Elder Care Services came together to clean up the street that we adopted from the City of Tallahassee. It was also a great team building exercise, and we committed to continue this project once every four months.

Elder Care Services

AmeriCorps Seniors grantee

In memory of the September 11 attacks, AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP of Central Arkansas and Future Builders Inc. honored 174 volunteer firefighters at eight locations in the four counties we service in Arkansas.

AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP of Central Arkansas and Future Builders Inc.

AmeriCorps Seniors grantee

As an AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer, Becky has recorded over 7,000 hours in service since 2015. But in truth, we know she has contributed many more hours than that.

Becky McCollum-McCrea

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer

Our Foster Grandparents nurture the hearts and minds of our youths. They continuously support the families and communities.

Alu Like Inc.

AmeriCorps Seniors grantee

"She started a Friendship Club at lunch time where she had a table and kids that didn't have friends or were left out would eat lunch together with Sally and also play games and go for walks together in the hallways."

Sally Brooks

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer

"Bob and Karl are great AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers who care about the residents and keep in touch even when the pandemic tries to keep them apart."

Karl and Bob

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer

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