AmeriCorps fosters a strong, collaborative environment in which people committed to service enjoy rewarding careers as they work with communities across the country. A talented and committed leadership team and Board of Directors make service a cornerstone of our national culture.

Michael D. Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Jenny Mauk
Chief of Staff
Nathaniel Benjamin
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Jill Graham
Chief Risk Officer
Adrienne Andrews
Deputy Chief of Staff, Strategic Engagement
Russell Lopez
Chief, Communications and Marketing
Tess Mason-Elder
Director, Government Relations
Mary Hyde
Director, Research and Evaluation
Tannikka Richardson
Director, Public Engagement
Fernando Laguarda
General Counsel
Irv Dennis
Senior Advisor on Financial Reform
Yasmeen Shaheen-McConnell
Senior Advisor for Strategic Partnerships
John Lira
Senior Advisor for Veteran and Military Families
Gina Cross
Chief Operating Officer
Malena Brookshire
Chief Financial Officer
Maelat Mathias
Chief Human Capital Officer
Linda Southcott
Chief Modernization Officer
Andrea Gibbons
Chief Data Officer
Jennifer Swinehart
Director of Facilities and Support Services
Caroline Fernandez
Director, Monitoring
Danielle Melfi
Chief Program Officer
Ken Goodson
Director, AmeriCorps NCCC
Atalya Sergi
Director, AmeriCorps Seniors
Sonali Nijhawan
Director, AmeriCorps State and National
AJ Pearlman
Director, Public Health AmeriCorps
Carly Bruder
Director, AmeriCorps VISTA
Erin McGrath
Director, Regional Operations