AmeriCorps Supports Military Families

AmeriCorps helps community-based efforts to meet the unique needs of military families. Such services include mentorship and tutoring for military children, legal assistance, affordable housing, health care, counseling, and more. AmeriCorps also helps veterans apply for and explore benefits options. Learn more about what we do to support veterans and military families.

AmeriCorps Connects Veterans to Volunteer Opportunities

AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Seniors recruit veterans, particularly those who are transitioning from military to civilian life, to serve. National service helps build a bridge to careers, education, and more. It is a chance to become part of a new community, gain experience and skills, and discover new opportunities. AmeriCorps is a great way to keep serving your country and make a difference in peoples’ lives.

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Additional Resources

Are you a veteran looking for job opportunities and a successful transition to civilian life? Silent Professionals is a highly targeted job site to help combat arms veterans find work using the skills they gained during their service. A completely free service to veterans, we boast an incredible 84% job placement success rate for candidates that we recommend to employers. They help to provide veterans a seamless transition from battlefield skills to corporate security skills.

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