Application Deadlines and Service Dates

Please note: The following dates and locations are subject to change. Please check back prior to applying to check application deadlines and service dates. Check our FAQs page for other application and service questions.

Training locations are assigned by NCCC staff; applicants do not have the ability to select locations. Once in service, AmeriCorps members in Traditional Corps teams travel throughout their assigned region while AmeriCorps members in a FEMA Corps team can travel throughout the entire United States.

Traditional Corps Member listings:

Start Term in: Apply: Serve: Train in:
Fall March 1- June 30 Oct- July Denver, CO; Sacramento, CA
Winter July 1- Oct 31 Feb- Nov Vinton, IA
Summer Dec 1- March 31 July- April Denver, CO; Vicksburg, MS; Vinton, IA

Traditional Corps Team Leader listings:

Start Term in: Apply: Serve: Train in:
Fall Feb 1- May 31 Sept- July Denver, CO; Sacramento, CA
Winter June 1- Sept 30 Jan- Nov Vinton, IA
Summer Nov 1- Feb 28/29 June- April Denver, CO; Vicksburg, MS; Vinton, IA

FEMA Corps Member and Team Leader listings:

Start Term in: Apply: Serve: Train in:
Winter: FEMA Corps Aug 1- Nov 30 March- March Vicksburg, MS
Summer: FEMA Corps Jan TBD - March 31 July- July Sacramento, CA

Eligibility Requirements

  • To serve as a Corps Member, you must be between 18-26* years old. To serve as a Team Leader, you must be 18 or older (no upper age limit). You may apply to Traditional Corps at 17, if you will turn 18 before arriving on campus. You must be 18 to apply to FEMA Corps.

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen (required for FEMA Corps), or a Lawful Permanent Resident of the U.S.

  • Must pass an initial drug screening test upon arrival to the program. A positive test on a drug screen for any substance (including marijuana) at any time during service could result in dismissal from the program.

  • Team Leaders must have a valid driver’s license, as they will be expected to drive the team vehicle.

  • Must be available for 10-12 months of full-time service consisting of extensive travel.

*The CARES Act, passed by Congress in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, increased the upper age limit for participation as an AmeriCorps NCCC Corps Member to 26 years old. Under the CARES Act, Section 3514(d), the upper age limit for AmeriCorps NCCC members is 26.  AmeriCorps NCCC applies the upper age limit at the time a member arrives on campus and is activated as a member. That means individuals must be on campus and activated as members for at least one day before turning 27. The 26-year upper age limit will remain in effect until further notice.

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4. Submit your application to the listing(s) of your choice.

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Need help with your application, contact the National Service Hotline at 1-800-942-2677.