For young adults passionate about serving their nation, combating the climate crisis, launching rewarding careers, and protecting our public lands.

Forest Corps is a program partnership between AmeriCorps NCCC and United States Forest Service.

You will perform direct, hands-on service in the areas of wildfire risk mitigation, reforestation, environmental conservation, and resource management. Your service project could include hazardous fuels reduction, protecting threatened habitats, conducting prescribed burns, wildlife surveys, infrastructure or trail maintenance, or providing nursery services to support growing seedlings, so adaptability is key! You’ll also undergo intensive training with the United States Forest Service to prepare you and take on leadership roles and specialized assignments along the way. Learn and grow with a team of your peers and get a foot in the door to work environmental conservation as a career. View a prerecorded Forest Corps webinar to learn more.

Forest Corps 2024 FAQs

Forest Corps work is field based and rigorous. You must be prepared to handle hiking long distances while carrying a heavy backpack, uneven terrain, carrying tools, and be able to complete trail work, surveys, prescribed fire burns, planting seedlings, and other labor-intensive outdoors projects. Please carefully weigh these considerations before applying.


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Forest Team

Forest Corps: A Pathway to Success in the U.S. Forest Service

NCCC Position Options


Members are assigned to a regional campus to complete initial training and to receive team assignments. Diverse teams of 18-26* year-olds work under the direction of one team leader and complete the service term living and serving together. Members are responsible for completing Corps Training Institute, earning 1700 service hours, participating in physical training, and contributing to various team activities.

Team Leader

Team leaders are assigned a team of eight to 10 members. This role is not a staff position; however, team leaders are expected to guide and support the team throughout the service term. Team leaders are responsible for completing Team Leader Training, prior to member arrival. Team leaders conduct daily team activities and serve as the liaison between the team, the project sponsor, and AmeriCorps NCCC staff. Please note anyone may apply to be a team leader. Prior service experience is not required.

Join NCCC Forest Corps

PositionApply by:Serve:Train in:
Summer 2025 Team LeaderApplications open
Nov. 1, 2024
June 2025Sacramento, CA
Summer 2025 Corps MemberApplications open
Dec. 1, 2024
June 2025Sacramento, CA

Eager to serve sooner? Consider serving in the AmeriCorps NCCC Traditional Corps.

Need help with the application? Check out our How to Apply section for step-by-step instructions on applying to AmeriCorps NCCC.

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American Climate Corps American Climate Corps

The AmeriCorps NCCC Forest Corps is one of the first new programs launched as part of the American Climate Corps (ACC). The ACC is a new initiative launched by President Biden to train young people in high-demand skills for jobs in the clean energy economy. It aims to put a new generation of Americans to work conserving our lands and waters, bolstering community resilience, advancing environmental justice, deploying clean energy, implementing energy efficient technologies, and tackling climate change. ACC members will gain the skills necessary to access good-paying jobs that are aligned with high-quality employment opportunities after they complete their paid training or service program. To learn more and apply to the American Climate Corps visit

Benefits and Eligibility

Benefits and Eligibility
Learn about the benefits during, and after, your service term with AmeriCorps NCCC. Find out more about the requirements to serve as a team leader or member.

Resources for Members and Supporters

NCCC Member Wellness Resources
Health and wellness resources for NCCC members.

Parents and Educators
Help spread the word about AmeriCorps NCCC opportunities.


How to Apply
Step-by-step instructions on applying to AmeriCorps NCCC.

Hear From Current Members and Alumni

"As a Forest Service team member, I’m interested in being a Wildlife Technician with the Forest Service. While in NCCC, I learned about apprenticeship opportunities with the U. S. Forest Service, so I plan on applying once I graduate." - Shamee
AmeriCorps member, AmeriCorps NCCC, U.S. Forest Service Team

"I learned about the program from my sister, Shelby, back home in Detroit. She served in AmeriCorps NCCC on a forest team and told me all about it. I joined, and now I am an AmeriCorps NCCC member serving on a forest team. My service with AmeriCorps will help e achieve my goal of becoming a firefighter." - Kam
AmeriCorps member, AmeriCorps NCCC, U.S. Forest Service Team

"I wanted to join NCCC to gain a wide variety of different experiences and learn new skills, all in a part of the country that I'd never been in before." - Bridget
AmeriCorps member, AmeriCorps NCCC, U.S. Forest Service Team


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