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AmeriCorps Staff

As Americans celebrate the 246th year of its democratic republic, it is a time to reflect on our nation’s past and commit to a stronger future. The Fourth of July reminds us of our incredible capacity to emerge from our darkest moments with renewed purpose and resolve. We must continue to fight as we strive toward our more perfect union. 

“We have seen that service to our own communities can unite Americans from all walks of life to tackle our nation’s most pressing challenges.” said AmeriCorps CEO Michael D. Smith. It's true—whether it’s assisting a neighbor in need, helping a student with their class assignments, serving as a Senior Companion, or responding to community disasters, there is no shortage of ways every American can make a difference:

Be The Change. Our communities and neighbors need us more than ever today—the challenges we face require all of us. Together we will find the courage to unite and overcome. By working together, we can help our communities prosper.

Take Action. Encourage your network to become active. Bring your community together, set a service goal, and make a positive difference where it is most needed. Find volunteer opportunities using the AmeriCorps Volunteer Search.

Volunteer during National Days of Service. The American public has long-supported two national days of service, MLK Day and the 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance. Created by Congress, but at the behest of the American people, these dedicated days to serve give every American the opportunity and means to give back. 9/11 Day of Service is just around the corner. Find out how you can honor those who answered the call to protect and serve our nation by volunteering

Commit More. More than 250,000 Americans commit to serve with AmeriCorps in our national service programs each year. From disaster relief efforts, addressing public health needs to building affordable housing, AmeriCorps members transform communities for the better. In addition to serving the community, members receive valuable professional development that allows them to succeed in private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Discover your path to service at

Regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexuality, or political ideology, every American can answer the call to serve. This Fourth of July let’s commit to making service one of our Independence Day traditions.

Happy Fourth of July.