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AmeriCorps is more than a service program, it’s a network. We engage the private sector, foundations, and higher education institutions in a number of strategic partnerships.

Schools of National Service

Schools of National Service recognize that individuals who serve in AmeriCorps bring tremendous value to higher education and other post-secondary experiences. Their leadership skills and commitment to civic engagement benefit the institution, other students, and their community.

Recognition and Awards

President’s Service Volunteer Award

America has a long and proud tradition of volunteer service. The President’s Volunteer Service Award program is a great way to honor this American tradition and thank those who, by demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to engage in volunteer service. 

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Harris Wofford Joint Service Award

In honor of Harris Wofford, whose contributions helped establish the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps programs, our agencies are recognizing individuals who have successfully completed both a full-time service term or its equivalent in AmeriCorps, and the Peace Corps or Peace Corps Response.

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Reach out

Start a Partnership

Learn More about AmeriCorps

Our purpose is to bring out the best of America. We do this by bringing Americans together to serve communities.

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Our Impact

The lasting impact of national service speaks to the strength of our programs and the dedication of our members and volunteers who serve.

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