Communication resources

Project ideas and tips

Recruit and train volunteers

Take advantage of this day off to train volunteers to serve throughout the year. They will leave prepared to be effective volunteers and help you accomplish your mission.

Assist with job readiness

Help people in your community get job ready:

  • Resume writing
  • Interview skills
  • Dressing for success
  • Research training programs
  • Help individuals complete a job application or application for a training program

Provide food assistance

  • Serve meals at a homeless shelter
  • Bring meals to homebound neighbors and consider signing up to be a regular volunteer with local meal delivery services like Meals on Wheels
  • Organize a food donation drive – make sure to get a list of items local food pantries actually need and distribute that list in advance
  • Teach healthy eating on a budget

Promote healthy futures

Beautify the community

  • Remove graffiti from a building and paint a mural
  • Create community green spaces by planting trees, grass, and flowers, especially in locations that may lack adequate green space
  • Reclaim a park or abandoned space for community use
  • Become a volunteer with a local, state, or national park

Prepare the community for emergency and crisis situations

Provide other community service to neighbors and families

  • Help low-income families find free tax preparation services and take advantage of the earned income tax credit 
  • Shovel elderly neighbors' walkways, clear leaves or help with other yard maintenance
  • Participate in or create a neighborhood watch program
  • Install smoke detectors or distribute batteries and install new batteries for those who have detectors. (Check with your local Red Cross and/or Fire Department to understand the greatest need.)
  • Weatherize homes (Local churches may have a good idea of community members who need assistance.)


MLK Day 2022 – Stepping up for the Fierce Urgency of Now, Thursday, Nov. 18
AmeriCorps hosted a webinar to kick-start planning for the 2022 King Day of Service to discuss meeting urgent community needs, using days of service to advance important organizational initiatives, and addressing systemic issues that create disparity and perpetuate inequality.

MLK Day Grant Terms and Conditions

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