WASHINGTON, D.C. –The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) today announced $576 million in AmeriCorps funding – including grants and education awards – to help national and local organizations, faith-based groups, and educational institutions respond to the most-critical issues facing communities in the U.S. In total, this funding will provide more than 60,000 Americans the opportunity to serve their communities through AmeriCorps.

In a highly competitive year, the federal investment includes grants of approximately $270 million. Of this competitive funding, national program models received 63 percent, which will support 71 percent of AmeriCorps members, while state and local models received 37 percent, to support 29 percent of the AmeriCorps members. An additional $142 million was provided to Governor-appointed state service commissions, which in turn will be awarded to state-based organizations in the coming months. A complete list of competitive awards by state or territory can be found here

The total announced today includes $164 million CNCS is making available in education scholarships for AmeriCorps members serving under these grants. After completing a full term of service, members receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award of roughly $6,000 to pay for college or to repay student loans.

“For more than two decades, Americans have answered the call to serve by pledging to ‘get things done’ as AmeriCorps members. Through their dedication and sacrifice, I know our nation is in good hands,” said Chester Spellman, director of AmeriCorps. “I congratulate all the 2020 grant recipients, who will make service possible for a new class of AmeriCorps members and salute all our AmeriCorps members – past, present, and future. Their service will help to create a brighter tomorrow.”

In these difficult times, the majority of the agency’s 75,000 AmeriCorps members continue their critical work. Since the start of the national emergency, more than 6,725 AmeriCorps members and Senior Corps volunteers have served in direct response to COVID-19, helping more than 1.2 million people. Many more AmeriCorps members have added vital community services to their regular duties or are performing their duties virtually and the agency continues to recruit for future positions.

This class of AmeriCorps members will prepare students for college, reduce crime and revitalize cities, connect veterans to jobs, fight the opioid epidemic, rebuild communities following disasters, preserve public lands, strengthen education, foster economic opportunity, and more. They will join the more than 1.1 million AmeriCorps members who have served since the program’s inception in 1994, earning nearly $4 billion in education awards.

A growing body of research shows that service has an effect on more than just the communities served, but also on the members themselves. AmeriCorps alumni credit their year of service for developing leadership skills that bridges divides, solves problems, and opens doors to opportunities that advance their careers and education. In addition, research shows that alumni gain skills and are exposed to experiences that communities and employers find valuable.

Organizations are currently recruiting for AmeriCorps members to begin service this fall. Those interested in serving can learn more at