New public service announcement highlights the need for the next generation of public health leaders 

WASHINGTON, D.C.– AmeriCorps, the federal agency for national service and volunteerism, launched a new public service announcement, Make Your Mark with Public Health AmeriCorps. The announcement highlights how Public Health AmeriCorps, an initiative in partnership with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will help meet urgent public health needs. The new corps is working to address the COVID-19 pandemic, provide additional capacity, and support recruitment, training and development of a new generation of public health leaders. 

“Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen just how much national service and public health can work together to meet the moment,” said AJ Pearlman, JD, director, Public Health AmeriCorps. “Public Health AmeriCorps intentionally allows flexibility for our communities to respond to their most urgent public health needs. Along the way, AmeriCorps is working to increase the pipeline of Americans from underserved communities who are pursuing public health careers. I’m proud that the next chapter in the AmeriCorps story is Public Health AmeriCorps.” 

To date, 82 organizations from 32 states and two US territories have joined Public Health AmeriCorps and received grant dollars totaling more than $60 million to support their programs. Last week, AmeriCorps released a call for funding applications for year two funds to further expand the number of community organizations supported.  

SCRIPT: Make Your Mark with Public Health AmeriCorps  

If your purpose is to improve the health of communities,   

then serving with Public Health AmeriCorps should be part of your path. 

You'll join a national movement to address urgent public health needs. 

You'll help your community recover from the pandemic and make lasting change for  

people with chronic diseases, mental health and substance use challenges,   

and other conditions and improve health equity. 

From the back office to the front lines there's a place for everyone in Public Health AmeriCorps. 

If you're new to public health,   

then serving is the foundation for a meaningful and rewarding career. 

If you're a current or retired health professional,   

then serving is a great way to build your legacy for the next generation. 

All along your journey you'll not only gain valuable skills,   

but you'll also see and feel the difference you're making. 

Because when you take the path of serving others it has a wonderful way of circling back to you. 

AmeriCorps, local service, lasting impact.