Washington, DC - Public service announcements released today by the Corporation for National and Community Service are designed to encourage teachers, students, and parents to bring service-learning into their schools and communities.

The "The Bring Learning to Life" campaign draws attention to service-learning which helps students perform better in school while providing them with opportunities to improve their communities through service.

Service-learning is a method of teaching and learning that connects classroom lessons with meaningful service to the community. A growing body of research recognizes the benefits of service-learning as an effective strategy to improve academic achievement, increase student engagement, improve social behavior, build civic skills, and strengthen community partnerships. Service-learning can help struggling students get excited about school while also challenging gifted students to apply their problem-solving skills to real life scenarios.

The public service announcements feature interviews and footage of teachers, students, and administrators telling how service-learning has changed their schools. It also illustrates service-learning in action—students learning new subject matter in the classroom and then applying it to meet community needs. The spots encourage viewers to visit our website or call our toll-free hotline to receive free educational resources to help integrate service-learning into their schools.