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Barry, a retired Navy veteran of 30 years, a Subvet Diver, and a beam of sunlight, has been a AmeriCorps Senior RSVP volunteer for two years at the Veterans Coffee House where he serves along with Rosie, his therapy dog.

Barry greets people, makes coffee, and is there for any veteran who needs someone to listen and care.  He has the kindest heart and service is his calling. He also serves as volunteers visitor to a disabled woman who finds peace in their conversations and the two have become friends. 

Rosie, a black lab that goes everywhere with Barry, is trained to sniff out chemical imbalances and is a great comfort when they arrive at the coffeehouses where she goes around the room greeting all the veterans and their spouses and pays special attention to someone who seems out of sorts, to comfort them.

Both Barry and Garry give their heart and soul to RSVP and believe that they get so much back in return for their volunteering!