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After graduation, Cameron joined AmeriCorps through Virginia College Advising Corps at the University of Virginia. Unsure of his future, he decided help people and do something meaningful. Cameron assisted students that came from a similar background as himself navigate the college application process.

“I went in thinking that I would be providing all the assistance to the students. To my surprise, they were helping me just as much as I was helping them. They helped me realize the importance of following your dreams. I would sit with them and be in amazement at the unique careers/passions that students had and were determined to make happen.

During college I felt as though I lost a lot of the optimism I once had and felt the need to frame my career path to something ‘conventional’. Working with students and hearing their hopes and dreams inspired me to reinvest in my own. When everything that they had been looking forward to – prom, graduation, etc. – were stripped away, these students still pushed on so that they can achieve their dreams. Witnessing this perseverance changed my mindset drastically.

Without my AmeriCorps experience I would be a completely different person. I will never forget my time as an adviser, and I am so thankful for AmeriCorps for providing me the opportunity.”