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For years, Campus Compact of the Mountain West (CCMW) has collaborated with the Civic Health Network to develop a strategy for civic learning and engagement – also thought of as citizen involvement – from kindergarten through higher education (K2H).

Using their 2017 AmeriCorps State and National Evidence-based Intervention Planning grant, CCMW will convene education teams across the Mountain West to apply national service resources to the development of civic learning and engagement pipelines from kindergarten through higher education. These education teams will be comprised of AmeriCorps members, K-12 teachers and administrators, higher education faculty, and community partners who will choose from various evidence-based models of civic learning and engagement for implementation or expansion.

The strategy strengthens partnerships between K-12 and higher education systems, expanding and deepening opportunities for students to become involved in their communities as part of their educational experience and assessing the effects of that engagement throughout their education careers. CCMW’s community-based, team-centered strategy is critical to the successful development and implementation of its school-based programs. This approach enables CCMW to assess impacts across a small number of vetted civic learning and engagement programs to determine which intervention best fits the unique needs of each school to achieve the desired results.

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