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Principal Investigators: Dr. Kesha Moore and Dr. Susan Rakosi Rosenbloom, Drew University, Department of Sociology

Community Partner: Alicia Alvarez and Crystal Rodriguez, community researchers

Title: Neighbors in Need: Housing the Most Vulnerable in Morris County

This Morris County, New Jersey project will provide an important opportunity for Drew University faculty and students to collaborate with community residents, organizations, and government representatives to expand the United States’ ability to provide an effective safety net to end homelessness for the most vulnerable members of local communities.

The goals of the research are to:

  1. Articulate the existing barriers to housing our most vulnerable populations
  2. Identify the services and supports our landlords need to effectively house this population
  3. Build the public and private financial and civic infrastructure to support and implement a county-wide intervention program

The proposed study will investigate how to overcome the stigma of homelessness, enabling community groups to quickly place this population in affordable, permanent housing through the effective use of vouchers and the provision of appropriate services by community partners.

This project will enhance the county’s civic infrastructure, expand research skills and knowledge throughout the community, and mobilize collective action on a critical social problem facing the community. The objectives of this research will help Morris County achieve the goal that it has set for itself of eliminating homelessness in 10 years.

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