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Ms. Gwen Cullum is a volunteer with the Dallas Foster Grandparent Program and the Dallas RSVP program. She has served since May of 2013. 

As a Foster Grandparent, Ms. Cullum has volunteered with Readers 2 Leaders for seven school years.  During the school year, she volunteers four days a week as a Reading Buddy to 30 students in four different elementary schools in West Dallas.  Using prompts and literacy activities, she helps her “buddies” to improve their reading and language skills.  Ms. Cullum has been able to dramatically enhance the literacy of every student she has been paired with over the past seven years.  These results are proven and measurable.  But what these students are gaining transcends just literacy skills. Ms. Cullum provides each student with love, patience, attention and encouragement, making each student feel special and unique. She is more than just a reading buddy—she is a mentor, friend and role model.

And on her days “off” as a Foster Grandparent, Ms. Cullum also serves as a RSVP volunteer, serving at the American Red Cross. She also visits elderly clients in nursing homes each week as part of the Friendly Visitor Program with The Senior Source.  She is also very involved at her church. 

Ms. Cullum has a sunny disposition and always has a smile on her face and rarely misses a day of volunteering. She serves as an ambassador for the Dallas Foster Grandparent Program—helping to orient new volunteers, assisting with events, and representing the program in the community. 

Prior to moving to Texas, Ms. Cullum was a Foster Grandparent in Detroit, Michigan for over five years, so her commitment to National Service spans a decade.  She is an exemplary volunteer and it is our privilege that she serves in our programs.  Her impact on our community is significant and broad. She is our “Point of Light” and we believe she deserves this recognition.