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Valentine's Day can be one of the loneliest holidays for an isolated senior who has lost a loved one. AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers, with the senior companion program, Bob and Karl, volunteer at a local long-term care facility. They visit seniors who are isolated and have no family or friends to visit. They share about community happenings with them, play games, read to them and have great friendships. The pandemic took away their abilities to serve on site until vaccinations are given to all. During this time Bob and Karl reached out by calling and talking to those they visit and sending cards. Valentine's Day is a day when they would get to celebrate normally in the facility with fun and snacks with the seniors there. Since they were not able to be on site this year these two caring men ended up writing thoughtful, touching messages in 105 valentine cards to be given to residents. These cards will help to share some love and smiles. Bob and Karl are great AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers who care about the residents and keep in touch even when the pandemic tries to keep them apart.

BK cards
Bob and Karl's Valentine's Day cards
Karl with one of his companions.
Bob with one of his companions.