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Marshall has been an outstanding AmeriCorps Senior RSVP volunteer since 2015 and acts on his own power to do good every day.   

Marshall has served as Vice-President of the RSVP Advisory Council for more than three years, representing the interests of our RSVP volunteers, volunteer stations, and the community at large. He advises, assists, and advocates for effective project operation of RSVP of Carroll County, supports constructive changes within the program, generates new ideas, and works diligently on fundraising activities (to date volunteering over 400 hours). He also serves as an RSVP Ambassador to the wider Carroll County community.

For over two years, Marshall has been a volunteer driver for our Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Program where he provides rides to medical-related appointments for ambulatory seniors, adults with disabilities, and veterans. However, he provides clients more than just a ride. He not only drives clients to their appointment but also accompanies them to their appointments. In addition, Marshall develops relationships with his clients and provides them with socialization and, in many cases, he becomes an advocate for the clients he assists, serving as an extra set of eyes and ears to recognizes other areas of need or declining health, and often helps in relaying a doctor’s orders.

Marshall’s personalized service allows his clients to stay secure, comfortable, independent and living in their homes for a long as possible. During his service as a RSVP Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Program driver, Marshall has provided over 225 rides, logged over 780 hours and has driven more than 29,000 miles. He has transported clients to both local medical appointments and appointments beyond county lines, including trips to Boston and West Roxbury, Massachusetts; Falmouth, Portland, Scarboro, and Sanford, Maine; Berlin, Concord, Dover, Hanover, Laconia, Lebanon, Littleton, Manchester, Portsmouth, Somerville, and Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, which are frequently necessary for accessing specialized medical services.

An example of Marshall’s dedication to helping others, doing something meaningful, and given back to the community is illustrated in the following: Marshall spent 15 hours transporting a client for day surgery for cervical cancer. His trip originated in North Conway where he resides. to pick her up in Wolfeboro, NH and transported her to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital in Lebanon, NH. Marshall waited in Lebanon for the client’s 6 hours of surgery and her stay in the recovery room for 3 hours. His travel time to get his client to and from Lebanon was 6 hours, making Marshall’s total trip 15 hours long and his total mileage for the trip was 413 miles.

In addition to his volunteer service as a RSVP Advisory Council member and his volunteer service as a medical transportation driver, Marshall has logged over 210 hours as a volunteer at a local senior congregate meals site, serving adults 60+ (and in some cases, caregivers, spouses, and/or younger people with disabilities). Marshall’s volunteer service offers an opportunity for seniors to meet new or old friends and engage in social activities while having a nutritious meal.

Marshall has been the recipient of the Spirit of New Hampshire Award for all of his volunteer service in the community. And, when it comes to volunteer service, Marshall does not know the meaning of the word “No.”

Marshall Allan definitely demonstrates the extraordinary traits of our 41st president: “integrity, empathy, respect, optimism, conviction in the face of opposition, and belief in the power of the human spirit to create positive change.” He is very deserving of being honored as outstanding individuals deserving of the George H.W. Bush Points of Light Awards.

Testimonials from Marshall’s clients are as follows:

“Marshall is my mother’s and my favorite RSVP driver! He has been an absolute godsend to my family. He is always so kind and gracious about taking my mother and I to our medical appointments, even our long-distance appointments. We could not think of another person more deserving of such recognition.” – Shawn B. & Cindy T.

“Marshall Allan has taken me to doctor’s appointments for a few years now and is a very dependable and stand-up guy.” – John M.

“Marshall Allan was a complete blessing to me in my greatest time of need. I called RSVP in a panic because I needed four consecutive rides to my radiation treatments in Portland, Maine. Marshall stepped up and offered his time during the dangerous winter months to take me to Maine Medical for all my appointments. He not only offered to accompany me to every appointment for support, but also made sure that I was comfortable at home and had everything I needed. He gave me strength when I needed it the most. He is the most deserving of this award in my eyes.” – Davida C.