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"My story begins with applying for the teacher's assistant position at the organization where my parents and I received help when we just arrived in the United States. They were very welcoming, and everyone always smiled and offered to help with whatever my parents and I needed. Since then, I always wanted to join their team, and ten years later, I was lucky enough to join them as an AmeriCorps member. The program lasted ten months, and I met friendly staff members, refugees, and immigrants to whom I taught English. The program provided virtual training where I learned valuable skills like teaching and earned two important certificates for any ESL teacher. Experience gained throughout the service is one of a kind. I immersed myself in a diverse environment where I learned a lot about different nations and their cultures. I learned about traditional foods, clothing, and holidays. Students also shared about their schools' teaching methods and education systems, which I included along with my lesson plans. I learned so much from them and about the world. Thank you, AmeriCorps, for such a valuable and unforgettable experience."