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Sally has been an AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer since 2018. She was the first Foster Grandparent at her school. Sally continues to go above and beyond serving students. She started a Friendship Club at lunch time where she had a table and kids that didn't have friends or were left out would eat lunch together with Sally and also play games and go for walks together in the hallways. She lifted the children's spirits and self-esteem along the way. When the pandemic started it changed how we could serve in some of our schools.

Sally connected virtually with her classroom and offered mentoring and support through video calls. Sally shared, "when I am online with the kids, we are either working on counting to 120 or reading from a book. We both have the same book, so they read to me and I help them sound out words." Sally is also offering a consistent intergenerational relationship; students continue to connect with and count on Sally. Central Lake Elementary School, where Sally serves has recently been able to have her back full time. When the school has to quarantine, Sally gets right back on her laptop and joins class virtually. Sally makes a difference in the lives of children in her community.

Sally Brooks
Sally Brooks with a student from Central Lake Elementary School
Sally 2
Sally Brooks helping one of her students from Central Lake Elementary School