Submitted by Labulter on Mon, 10/19/2020 - 11:46

My name is Wayne Rucker and I served in AmeriCorps with PowerCorpsPHL and Habitat for Humanity. Coming off of 5 years of prison AmeriCorps was the only interview I sat in that I didn't feel judged for my 5+ years I spent in prison. I didn't have much of a resume but I knew deep down inside of me I can and will be an asset to my community. Working with AmeriCorps gave me the opportunity to communicate the strengths of my character that I couldn't communicate on paper because I lacked professional work experience to associate my character strengths. Because of AmeriCorps, I have received opportunities like meeting with Mayor Nutter, being recognized as a leader in my community, and meeting the President. All these opportunities have led me to my present day focus of Neighborhood and Economic Development which includes providing financial literacy, economic inclusion and homeownership opportunities for families of isolated communities. I am Wayne Rucker, I am 1 of 1 Million.