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Introductory Remarks: Dr. Mary Hyde, Director, ORE, CNCS


Mary Ohmer, Ph.D, University of Pittsburgh


One of CNCS’s goals, as well as many other organizations, is to strengthen communities. How do we know the conditions of a community and whether programs are making an impact? In this webinar, attendees will learn about applying measurement techniques and instruments for community and neighborhood research. The presentation will cover how to delve into the methods and measures for community and neighborhood research, including:

  • A framework for understanding the dimensions of community and neighborhood measurement
  • Methods for delineating the community as a unit of analysis and some of the practical aspects of community data collection
  • A case study that participants will work on to delve more deeply into community research problems and questions and identify appropriate measures
  • A discussion of measures used to examine community research topics, including: community capacity and readiness for change; collective action; community connections and processes; empowerment and engagement; resources and resident satisfaction; built environment and healthy living; housing and neighborhood change; disorder, crime and violence; place-based social exclusion; and community wellbeing and quality of life

Closing Remarks: Gina Gross, Acting Director, AmeriCorps NCCC

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