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This second webinar of our AmeriCorps' 30th Anniversary series highlighted how AmeriCorps delivers on diversity and equity with data. 

Date and Time: Tuesday, Oct. 31, 10:30a.m.-12 p.m. ET


In our contemporary society, we hear a lot about the need to measure diversity in our own organizations or communities, but how do we make sure that we are achieving those goals as well as sharing information in an equitable way? In celebration of AmeriCorps’ 30th Anniversary, we explored the key differences between data on equity and equitable data use in organizations, and best practices from the White House Equitable Data Working Group efforts underway at the time of recording in these two areas. The AmeriCorps Chief Data Officer shared the ongoing enterprise data modernization efforts to guide AmeriCorps in maturing its data practices, establishing a high performing data culture, and enabling data confidence for decision-making. The Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer highlighted our agency need to measure equity within the organization for the purpose of equitable data practices associated with agency service and human capital goals.

Webinar Objectives

  • Learn the difference between equitable data vs. data on equity.
  • Learn about the executive order from the president and the importance of creating an equitable data that can be accessed by various communities.
  • Demonstrate AmeriCorps’ historical work in these two different areas and what initiatives are currently underway to move this work forward and create a more equitable work environment.


  • Andrea Gibbons, Chief Data Officer, AmeriCorps 
  • Robin Ghertner, Director of Data and Technical Analysis, Office of Human Services Policy, HHS/ASPE
  • Nathaniel Benjamin, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, AmeriCorps
  • Kyle Brees, Research Analyst, Office of Research and Evaluation, AmeriCorps 
  • Laura H. Schlachter, Research Analyst, Office of Research and Evaluation, AmeriCorps





Webinar Date

October 31, 2023 - 10:30 AM (Eastern Time Zone)