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Welcome: Katy Hussey-Sloniker, MBA, MSW, LGSW, AmeriCorps/ORE

Introductory Remarks: Lily Zandniapour, Ph.D., Research and Evaluation Manager, AmeriCorps/ORE

Grantee: Friends of the Children 
Presentation: Early years’ lessons learned about Friends of the Children - a 12+ year paid professional mentoring model
Project Location: National project scaling an intervention

  • Shelley Osborn, Ph.D., Senior Manager, ICF
  • Susan Walsh, Ph.D., Director of Research and Strategic Impact, Friends of the Children

Grantee: North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc. 
Presentation: Lessons Learned in Shaping Healthy Starts for Young Children 
Project Location: State-based project focused on key counties

  • Stephania Sidberry, MPH, Shape NC Program Manager, The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc.

Grantee: United Way for Southeastern Michigan
Presentation: Building a Better Future for Families in Vulnerable Communities: A Community-Based Family Check-Up Model Intervention 
Project Location: Regionally-based project focused on counties in and around Detroit, MI

  • Ty Partridge, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Wayne State University
  • Chris Trentacosta, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Wayne State University
  • Jeff Miles, MSW, Senior Director, Center for Early Childhood Excellence at United Way for Southeastern Michigan
  • Randi Burlew, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate, Philliber Research and Evaluation

Grantee: United Way of Central Indiana 
Presentation: Great Families 2020 - A 2Gen Approach: Lessons from the Field
Project Location: Neighborhood-based project in Indianapolis, IN

  • Whitney Fields, Senior Program Officer
  • Denise Luster, Vice President, Impact Research & Analytics
  • Stephanie Fritz, Director of Strategic Research & Analytics
  • Breanca Merritt, Director of the Center for Research on Inclusion and Social Policy

Join AmeriCorps as we showcase our research and evaluation investments in youth interventions that touch a variety of issues including:

  • Friends of the Children is empowering youth facing the greatest obstacles with a long-term, paid, professional mentor, called a Friend, from ages 4-6 through high school graduation. 12+ years – no matter what.
  • Shape NC model is implementing best practices to promote early childhood nutrition, physical activity, and outdoor play and learning
  • The Gain Opportunities to Achieve Lasting Success (GOALS) project examines the implementations and preliminary impact of an enhanced version of the family check-up model to support families with children 0-5 living in vulnerable communities. This project expands the evidence-based family check-up model with increased use of technology-based supports and community-wide service engagement.
  • Great Families 2020 is a two-generational community and neighborhood building model to support workforce development and early childhood education to close the gap on generational poverty.

Closing Remarks: Katy Hussey-Sloniker, MBA, MSW, LGSW, AmeriCorps/ORE

Q&A Discussion: Facilitated by Andrea Robles, PH.D., AmeriCorps/ORE

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November 17, 2020 - 2:00 PM (Eastern Time Zone)