Green City Force (GCF), operating in Brooklyn, New York, uses workforce training to improve the economic mobility of AmeriCorps members, all of whom reside in New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) housing. During the six-month program, members gain hands on experience with building sustainable infrastructure, engaging in urban agriculture, and distributing fresh produce. That experience can lead to green career pathways such as energy conservation assistants, compost coordinators, solar energy installers, energy auditors, and other positions and apprenticeships. AmeriCorps members also prepare for and take the Green Professional Training (GPRO) certification and the OSHA 30-hour Construction and Safety training and 10- hour Site Safety Training, improving their understanding of green building practices and workplace health and safety. That can enable members to attain occupations such as HVAC technicians, plumbers, and electricians. To better understand the impact of the program in relation to costs, AmeriCorps commissioned a return on investment (ROI) analysis.

Key Findings

  • Benefits of GCF include:
    • Additional earnings by AmeriCorps members.
    • Living allowances, stipends, and education awards. 
    • Increased tax revenue for government.
    • Reduced lifetime spending on corrections, public assistance, and social insurance. 
    • Benefits to various stakeholders from GCF program activities.
  • The program produces strong returns for the medium- and long-term scenarios for all ROI calculations.




Return on Investment (ROI) Studies

AmeriCorps and its grantees have invested significant resources in evaluating different agency programs and supported program models designed to improve a range of outcomes for national service members and volunteers, children, families, organizations, and communities across America. AmeriCorps has commissioned ICF International to conduct ROI analyses to help measure the program performance and build the base of evidence for future resource allocation decisions. In addition, each ROI study helps AmeriCorps communicate the value of its programs to relevant stakeholders. The ROI Studies Project will produce 16 ROI assessments from FY20 to FY23. 


Further information

ROI Analysis
Implementing Organization
Green City Force

AmeriCorps Office of Research and Evaluation Commissioned Report

AmeriCorps Program(s)
AmeriCorps State and National
Age(s) Studied
18-25 (Young adult)
Focus Population(s)/Community(s)
Outcome Category
Environmental Stewardship
At-risk ecosystems
Awareness of environmental issues
Green jobs
Benefit to national service members/volunteers
Improving AmeriCorps
Nonprofit development
Study Type(s)
Cost-benefit or Cost Effectiveness Study
ICF International
Published Year
Study Site Location (State)
New York