Please note: This page contains competition information and resources for the AmeriCorps grant competition for Native Nations.

This Notice of Funding Opportunity and the Mandatory Supplemental Information have been amended to include the following changes:

  • Clarify the dates in Notice section B.3. Period of Performance,
  • Clarify the timeline for sending late application justification in Notice section D.4.c,
  • Clarify the Maximum Cost per MSY of $27,000,
  • Clarify the Pre-Preliminary evidence tier, and
  • Remove the option for ARP Match Replacement in the Mandatory Supplemental Information.

Table of Contents

2024 AmeriCorps State and National Native Nations Funding Priorities

The FY 2024 AmeriCorps State and National Native Nations Grants competition, AmeriCorps seeks to prioritize the investment of national service resources in:

  • Programs that prioritize civic engagement/social cohesion, and youth mental health.
  • Environmental stewardship and climate change including renewable energy and energy efficiency, building community resilience, sustainable food systems and agriculture, water/wastewater; conservation and habitat preservation; Indigenous environmental practices; Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and Indigenous food sovereignty (seed saving, foraging, etc.)
  • Education – improving student academic performance in Science, Technology,
    Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), serving students who attend Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools, Tribal Colleges and Universities, Indigenous Teacher Preparation, and GED support programs.
  • Economic Opportunity - including digital skills and increased access to broadband; infrastructure/transportation assistance; financial readiness; training and access to financial resources for home buying; or college; and college access program.
  • Healthy futures - providing services to historically underserved individuals both on and off reservation lands, including but not limited to people with disabilities, people who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, people with arrest and/or conviction records
  • Veterans and Military Families, Caregivers, and Survivors – a program model that improves the quality of life of veterans and improves the well-being of military families, caregivers, and survivors,
  • Programs that provide additional benefits to AmeriCorps members aimed at enhancing member experience and bolstering member recruitment and retention such as paying more than the minimum living allowance, transportation, housing, food, etc.,
  • Programs that create workforce pathways for AmeriCorps members, including deliberate training, certifications, and hiring preferences or support, and
  • Programs promoting the preservation and teaching of traditional Native languages and cultural practices.

Application Deadline

The deadline for applications to the 2024 AmeriCorps State and National Native Nations Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is Friday, April 5, 2024 by 5:00 p.m. ET. AmeriCorps State and National expects that successful applicants will be notified by end of May 2024.

Funding Announcement, Mandatory Supplemental Information, and Application Instructions

2024 AmeriCorps State and National Native Nations Grants Notice of Funding Opportunity (PDF)revised February 02, 2024
2024 AmeriCorps State and National Native Nations Planning Grant Notice of Funding Opportunity (PDF)revised February 02, 2024
2024 AmeriCorps State and National Mandatory Supplemental Information (PDF)revised January 30, 2024
2024 AmeriCorps State and National Application Instructions (PDF)

Performance Measure Instructions

2024 AmeriCorps State and National Performance Measure Instructions (PDF)
2024 AmeriCorps State and National Performance Measures Instructions for Planning Grant Applicants (PDF)
2024 Applicant Determined Performance Measures and Native Nations, Building Bridges, and National Partnership for Student Success

Evaluation Plan Template

AmeriCorps State and National Evaluation Plan Template (DOC)

Manage Your Grant

Resources you need to effectively manage your grant, including eGrants instructions, terms and conditions, individual match waivers, pre-award requirements, financial reporting requirements, and training and technical assistance materials are found on Manage Your Grant.

  • Applicant Operational and Financial Management Survey (OFMS) - All new and recompeting applicants regardless of funding level are required to submit an OFMS with every new and recompeting application an organization submits to AmeriCorps. The form needs to be completed fully, a response for every question. If there are additional comments needed to explain certain responses, please utilize the ‘preparer’s comments’ section.
    • The OFMS must be submitted as an MS Form Survey through the link above. All other formats, including Word Document and PDF, will not be accepted.
  • AmeriCorps Due Diligence Review Process and Compliance – Applicants will find information to help them understand the pre-award due diligence checks in this training. This content will help applicants obtain due diligence compliance and remain compliant throughout the grant life.
  • Terms and Conditions – Current versions of the AmeriCorps General and Program-Specific Terms and Conditions for each of its programs is available.
  • eGrants Indirect Cost Rate (IDCR) Instructions – Instructions for how to enter the organization’s indirect cost rate are located on this page. Applicants should not submit documentation addressing indirect cost rate agreement via email.


AmeriCorps may ask an applicant for information after notification of competition results. An applicant’s failure to respond to a request adequately and in a timely manner may result in the removal of its application from the award process.

Technical Assistance Information and Regional Contacts

If you are having technical difficulties with creating an account or preparing or submitting the application in eGrants, please contact the AmeriCorps Hotline at (800) 942-2677 or via Questions. For all other application questions, please contact

Regional Contacts

Technical Assistance Webinars

AmeriCorps is hosting technical assistance webinars for applicants to answer questions about the funding opportunity and eGrants. AmeriCorps strongly encourages all applicants participate in these sessions. The Technical Assistance Webinars section will be updated with additional webinars and resources as they are scheduled.

Information Sessions

  • Sept. 13 (1 p.m. ET) - AmeriCorps State and National 101: AmeriCorps overview and an overview of each of the FY24 AmeriCorps State and National NOFOs available.
  • Sept. 21- Recorded Best Practices for Performance Measures 
  • Sept. 28 (2 p.m.-3:30 p.m. ET) - FY24 AmeriCorps State and National Best Practices for Performance Measures
  • February 27(1:00-2 p.m. ET) - AmeriCorps State and National 2024 Native Nations Operational & Planning Grants NOFOs Overview
  • Best Practices in Budget Development
  • FY2024 AmeriCorps State and National: Best Practices in Demonstrating Evidence
    • During this webinar, AmeriCorps staff share how to support a proposed program design with relevant high-quality data, studies, and/or evaluation reports. Prior to this webinar, please review the NOFO and Mandatory Supplemental Information.
    • Recording
    • Slide Deck

*Note-please disregard the FY23 Notice reference in this presentation and reference the FY24 Notice

**Please note updates to Evidence Quality in the FY24 Notice

  • FY 2024 AmeriCorps State & National Grant Competition: Theory of Change and Logic Model
    • In this session, AmeriCorps staff share how to develop a theory of change, key components of a logic model, and how to turn a program theory of change into a logic model. They walk through which components are required to be included in your application. Prior to viewing this session, please review page 22 of the Notice of Funding Opportunity.
    • Recording

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Competition information and resources for the AmeriCorps grant competition for Native Nations.
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