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Director of Research and Evaluation Mary Hyde

New Statistics on Volunteering & Civic Life with Dr Mary Hyde

Tobi Johnson
Volunteer Nation | March 9, 2023 

Dr. Mary Hyde, AmeriCorps director of research and evaluation, shares fascinating results from the most recent Volunteer Engagement and Civic Life census supplement. These results shine a light on both the enduring spirit of volunteerism in America – even during the height of the pandemic – and what the data can tell us about future trends in formal and informal volunteering.  

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Generation Pandemic is interested in public health. We should take advantage.

Editorial Board
The Boston Globe | June 2, 2021

Massachusetts policymakers and health care professionals should work to cultivate that young talent now. Read more in The Boston Globe. 🔒

Why Biden COVID relief plan will fuel public service in America

Mary Tobin and Rye Barcott
USA Today | Mar. 12, 2021

The growth of AmeriCorps, thanks to additional funding provided by the American Rescue Plan, paves the way for us to build back better, in both urban and rural communities across the country, laying the foundation for a culture of national service. Read more in USA Today.

National Trails Day offers hikers the chance to celebrate and help

Erin E. Williams
The Washington Post | May 19, 2022

There are a million miles of scenic, recreational and historic trails crisscrossing the United States. These pathways improve community health, and especially over the past couple of years, they’ve provided us with refuge and connection. In many ways, volunteers are crucial to this system of preserving our nation’s natural and cultural history, Read more from The Washington Post.

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