Leaders from across the nation honored AmeriCorps Week, an annual week-long celebration of AmeriCorps members, alumni, AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers and programs

WASHINGTON, DC – On March 10-16, the nation, including elected and community leaders across the county, celebrated AmeriCorps Week and Americans who unite through service to address their communities’ most urgent needs. The annual celebration is led by AmeriCorps, the federal agency for national service and volunteering, and observed the second full week of March to recognize the millions of Americans ages 18+ who have served with AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Seniors programs.

Three decades ago, more than 20,000 Americans raised their right hands and pledged to get things done for America. These members helped more than 1,000 communities nationwide during AmeriCorps’ first year of service. Since then, more than 1.25 million Americans have served with AmeriCorps. Currently, more than 200,000 people serve as AmeriCorps members or AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers in nearly 40,000 locations across all 50 states and territories.

Leaders of the National Service Congressional Caucus honored AmeriCorps’ 30th anniversary and AmeriCorps Week by introducing a bipartisan and bicameral resolution that celebrated the positive impact of AmeriCorps members, AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers, and alumni in local communities; noted the importance of national and community service; and encouraged individuals of all ages to consider serving. Hundreds of Governors, Lieutenant Governors, Mayors and city and county leaders across the country issued proclamations, hosted events, and joined AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers across the country to celebrate and mark AmeriCorps week in their communities.

Federal Agencies and Biden-Harris Administration Officials 

“Happy AmeriCorps Week! It’s time to celebrate the positive impact of the millions who serve our nation through @AmeriCorps and @AmeriCorpsSeniors. This week, join us to say #AmeriThanks to all those who #GetThingsDone and encourage more Americans to choose to make a difference,” said Selective Service System. [Tweet, 3/11/2024]

“Congratulations to @AmeriCorps for 30 years of transforming the lives of those served & those who serve. Thank you for strengthening our communities & addressing our nation's most pressing issues. Happy #AmeriCorps30 & #AmeriCorpsWeek!,“ said US Department of Education.  [Tweet, 3/10/2024]

“#AmeriCorpsWeek begins tomorrow! Celebrate 30 years of @AmeriCorps this #AmeriCorpsWeek! Thank the millions of Americans who have worn the @AmeriCorps “A” to strengthen and transform our communities. Learn more: #AmeriCorps30,“ said Peace Corps.  [Tweet, 3/9/2024]

“This week is #AmeriCorpsWeek and 2024 marks 30 years of @AmeriCorps & @AmeriCorpsSr volunteers stepping in during moments of crisis to pour in billions of hours in service for US communities. Here's some of the ways they've made an impact:… #AmeriCorps30,” said USAID.  [Tweet, 3/13/2024]

“As @AmeriCorps celebrates 30 years - a big thanks for a recent partnership with CDC to launch Public Health AmeriCorps strengthening our public health workforce. Thank you to those who are working every day to build healthy communities! Learn more:,” said Mandy Cohen, Director, CDC. [Tweet, 3/14/2024]

Elected Officials

“Happy AmeriCorps Week! For over 30 years, @AmeriCorps programs have worked to strengthen and transform communities across New Hampshire. Thank you to the hundreds of thousands of AmeriCorps members and alumni for all your hard work – you represent public service at its finest,” said Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH). [Tweet, 3/11/2024]

“In Colorado and across the country, @AmeriCorps members improve our communities through countless hours of service each year. During #AmeriCorpsWeek, let’s thank these young public servants by passing our bipartisan bill to eliminate unfair taxes on their education grants,” said Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO). [Tweet, 3/11/2024]

“For over 3 decades, @AmeriCorps has brought together passionate & dedicated volunteers to thoughtfully address the most pressing needs of our communities. During #AmeriCorpsWeek, I’m thankful for over 3,600 people who served in more than 200 sites across RI last year,” said Senator Jack Reed (D-RI). [Tweet, 3/13/2024]

“Over the past three decades, more than 1 million AmeriCorps members have rolled up their sleeves and gotten things done for our nation. This week, we celebrate their work to mentor students, tackle food insecurity, improve public health, respond to disasters, protect the environment, and support local communities across our country. As Co-Chair of the National Service Caucus, I applaud the more than 200,000 current AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers who rise each day to make America a better place and encourage all those contemplating national service to consider AmeriCorps as a way to make meaningful change,” said US Senator Chris Coons (D-DE). [Press Release, 3/1/2024]

“Serving in @AmeriCorps instilled in me the value of public service. It’s a lesson I carry with me as the Senate’s first AmeriCorps alum. To all @AmeriCorps members & volunteers working to better the places we call home now and for the future: Thank you. #AmeriCorpsWeek,” said Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM). [Tweet, 3/14/2024]

“Happy 30th anniversary, @AmeriCorps! Over the last 30 years, AmeriCorps members in IL have served more than 72 million hours and made a positive impact in our communities—changing countless lives through the power of service. #AmeriThanks #AmeriCorpsWeek,” said Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL). [Tweet, 3/14/2024]

“Happy AmeriCorps Week to the thousands of volunteers dedicating themselves to public service, social justice, and hope in Massachusetts and nationwide. I believe in @AmeriCorps and the new American Climate Corps—because I believe in you,” said Senator Ed Markey (D-MA). [Tweet, 3/14/2024]

“AmeriCorps members dedicate their lives to those who need a helping hand. From empowering students in the classroom to supporting veterans transitioning to civilian life, they help build stronger communities. This resolution ensures their service does not go unnoticed,” said Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA). [Press Release, 3/12/2024]

“Happy 30th Anniversary @AmeriCorps! I'm proud to recognize the 200+ @AmeriCorpsSr volunteers in our community for their hard work and dedication to making the Inland Empire a safer, brighter place,” said Representative Pete Aguilar (CA-33). [Tweet, 3/12/2024]

“Every day, AmeriCorps empowers people of every background to step forward and serve their fellow Americans. AmeriCorps members are a truly uniting force – bridging divides, extending a helping hand, and offering a trusted framework for building powerful and sustainable relationships across our communities. This resolution celebrates these achievements and uplifts the essential role of national service programs. The spirit of service is an integral part of our national identity, and my National Service Caucus Co-Chairs and I are dedicated to finding ways to expand opportunities for national service to every corner of our nation,” said Representative Doris Matsui (CA-07). [Resolution, 3/13/2024]

This #AmeriCorpsWeek, we thank the @AmeriCorps members and @AmeriCorpsSr volunteers for their invaluable service and dedication to making a difference in our communities! If you're interested in learning more about national service opportunities, visit,” said Representative Valerie Foushee (NC-04). [Tweet, 3/13/2024]

“Happy 30th Anniversary AmeriCorps'! Let's give a big shoutout to all the amazing Americans out there, both past and future, who proudly wear the @AmeriCorps 🅰️ and make our country a better place. So, let's celebrate this incredible milestone together! 🎉,” said Representative Raul Ruiz (CA-25). [Tweet, 3/13/2024]

“During #AmeriCorpsWeek, I was proud to co-sponsor a resolution celebrating AmeriCorps’ 30th Anniversary and AmeriCorps Week. Thank you to the folks who volunteer to unite in service to their communities,” said Representative Colin Allred (TX-32). [Tweet, 3/14/2024]

“A big thank you to AmeriCorps members and senior AmeriCorps seniors volunteers for their service this #AmeriCorpsWeek. For 30 years, often they are the first to arrive and the last to leave,” said Representative Steven Horsford (NV-04). [Tweet, 3/14/2024]

“This #AmeriCorpsWeek, I want to recognize the 2300 @AmeriCorps members & @AmeriCorpsSr volunteers who are getting things done across our state!” said Representative Val Hoyle (OR-04). [Tweet, 3/15/2024]

“.@AmeriCorps members are improving health outcomes across Connecticut and the United States. It was great to join @RepJohnLarson and Public Health Director AJ Pearlman to celebrate #AmeriCorpsWeek!!” said Representative Rosa DeLauro (CT-03). [Tweet, 3/15/2024]

“Happy #AmeriCorpsWeek! As we close out the week, let’s celebrate the millions of @AmeriCorps members who have given back to our community throughout the years. I’m proud of AmeriCorps’ work and encourage folks to explore rewarding service opportunities through @AmeriCorps,” said Representative Frederica Wilson (FL-24). [Tweet, 3/15/2024]

“This #AmeriCorpsWeek, we're celebrating 30 years of more than 200,000 Americans answering JFK's call to service. I visited @CHCConnecticut in Middletown with @rosadelauro and AmeriCorps members as we fight to expand national service opportunities for our nation's young people,” said Representative John Larson (CT-01). [Tweet, 3/14/2024]

“A shout out and thank you to the incredible AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Senior volunteers in the Marianas as we celebrate AmeriCorps Week, March 10-16. This year’s theme is: ‘AmeriCorps is not a moment, it’s a movement.’ Over the past 18 years, AmeriCorps high school volunteers in the Marianas have guided more than 18,000 at-risk elementary and middle school students. Please join me in recognizing and giving thanks to AmeriCorps members and Senior volunteers as we celebrate AmeriCorps Week. Thank you!” said Representative Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan (D, NMI-At Large). [Press Release, 3/11/2024]

“Here in the commonwealth, more than 5,100 AmeriCorps members help meet the needs of our people at more than 800 locations across Kentucky. Their selfless contributions are changing lives. Happy @Americorps Week!” said Governor Andy Beshear (D-KY). [Tweet, 3/11/2024]

“@americorps programs and members play a pivotal role in transformative collaboration with urban and rural communities in Colorado, focusing on climate, education, economic mobility, and health. Serve Colorado operates these programs with a deep commitment to equity and inclusion. I want to thank Lieutenant Governor Dianne Primavera for her fantastic work with Serve Colorado. Folks can go to to find places to serve,” said Governor Jared Polis (D-CO). [Tweet, 3/13/2024]

“Our @ServeWisconsin and @AmeriCorps folks do outstanding work supporting kids, families, seniors, and communities across our state. Happy #AmeriCorpsWeek, and thanks for all you do!” said Governor Tony Evers (D-WI). [Tweet, 3/15/2024]

“Our state needs your service. You’re the ones who are helping us recognize there is more that unites us than divides us, and you’re the ones who are helping us find new ways to come together again. Thank you for raising your hands and for your contributions to making Maryland the state that serves—all of you are a part of the Maryland story,” said Governor Wes Moore (D-MD). [Press Release, 3/15/2024]

“Powerful day at the Red Hook Community Justice Center with @AmeriCorpsCEO in honor of #AmeriCorpsWeek. This nonprofit is dedicated to supporting underserved communities and enhancing safety in holistic and purpose driven ways. Moved to meet with the folks leading this work,” said Lt. Governor Antonio Delgado (D-NY). [Tweet, 3/14/2024]

“This morning I went to the @volunteer_la Quarterly Commission Meeting to thank them for all that they do in both good times and bad. I also want to say congrats to AmeriCorps for 30 years of service! Your impact on so many lives over the past three decades is truly remarkable.” said Lt. Gov Billy Nungesser (R-LA). [Tweet, 3/13/2024]

“Happy #AmeriCorpsWeek from the New Hampshire House of Representatives! Take it from Rep. Mary Jane Wallner, an @AmeriCorpsVISTA alumna and now the Dean of the NH House, the spirit of citizen service is alive and well in the Granite State! #NHPolitics” said New Hampshire State Representative Matt Wilhelm (NH-40). [Tweet, 3/13/2024]

“This AmeriCorps Week, I’m especially grateful for the @AmeriCorps members who are serving our community. By working with students in schools and @citybeautiful neighborhood centers, supporting nonprofits and so much more, they're shaping a stronger Orlando for all residents,” said Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer (D-FL). [Tweet, 3/12/2024]

“Hi Bloomington. This is Mayor Kerry Thompson, and I am here to wish you a Happy AmeriCorps National Service Week. We have AmeriCorps members working in our community as we have for the past two decades or so, that are making an impact every day on the ground, serving different agencies in our community. I was in AmeriCorps after I graduated from college and this team of national service members makes dramatic impact not only in our community but throughout our nation. Happy National Service Volunteer Week to our AmeriCorps members. Please appreciate them if you see them in the community, thanks!” said City of Bloomington Mayor Kerry Thompson (D-IN). [Instagram, 3/12/2024]

“Local AmeriCorps participants receive a proclamation and honor of National AmeriCorps Week. National AmeriCorps Week is a weeklong celebration this year specifically for the 30 years of @AmeriCorps being in existence,” said City of Little Rock (AR). [Tweet, 3/13/2024]

“In gratitude for thirty years of community service and education, Mayor Evans and the City of Rochester proudly proclaim this 10th day of March as the beginning of AmeriCorps Week! @RocAmeriCorps,” said City of Rochester (NY). [Tweet, 3/10/2024]

National Service Leaders

“🚨AmeriCorps Week🚨March 10-16 Celebrate 30 years of @AmeriCorps! Thank the millions of Americans who have worn the @AmeriCorps 🅰️ to strengthen our communities, address our nation's most pressing issues and transform the lives of those served and those who serve,” said Maryland Governor’s Office on Service and Volunteerism. [Tweet, 3/11/2024]

“Celebrate 30 years of @AmeriCorps this AmeriCorps Week! Thank the millions of Americans who have worn the @AmeriCorps 📷 to strengthen our communities, address our nation's most pressing issues, and transform the lives of those served and those who serve. Learn more: #AmeriCorpsWeek #AmeriCorpsWeek2024 #AmeriCorps30,” said Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. [Tweet, 3/11/2024]

“It's AmeriCorps Week Celebrate 30 years of @AmeriCorps this AmeriCorps Week! “It's AmeriCorps Week Celebrate 30 years of @AmeriCorps this AmeriCorps Week! Learn more: #AmeriCorpsWeek #AmeriCorpsWeek2024 #AmeriCorps30 #ServeIndiana #NationalService,” said Serve Indiana. [Tweet, 3/11/2024]

“Celebrate 30 years of @AmeriCorpsthis AmeriCorps Week! Thanks to the millions of Americans who have worn the @AmeriCorps “A” to strengthen our communities. #AmeriCorpsWeek,” said Kansas Volunteer Commission. [Tweet, 3/11/2024]

“Did you know that @AmeriCorps invested more than $14.2 million of federal funding in #Virginia last year? This #AmeriCorpsWeek, we invite you to join us in celebrating & amplifying the local & regional impact of #NationalService. Learn more:… #AmeriCorps30,” said Serve Virginia. [Tweet, 3/11/2024]

“#AmeriCorpsWeek March 10-16 Celebrate 30 years of @AmeriCorps this #AmeriCorpsWeek! Thank the millions of Americans who have worn the @AmeriCorps “A” to strengthen and transform our communities. Learn more: #AmeriCorps30,” said Serve Alabama. [Tweet, 3/11/2024]

"The day I signed the bill creating the National Service corps in America — AmeriCorps — was one of the happiest days of my life." —President @BillClinton discussed the impact of @AmeriCorps at our #AmeriCorps30 Summit. #AmeriCorpsWeek Watch more:,” said Clinton Presidential Center. [Tweet, 3/10/2024]

“Happy #AmeriCorpsWeek! Meet Heike H., a third-term AmeriCorps Member creating impact. Through @NSBCUnitedWay, Heike secured housing for a woman homeless for six years. Join the movement and be a force for good!,” said California Volunteers. [Tweet, 3/10/2024]

“It's #AmeriCorpsWeek! We're celebrating 30 years of @AmeriCorps. Join us and thank the millions of Americans who have worn the AmeriCorps to strengthen and transform our communities. Learn more: #AmeriCorps30.“ said America's Service Commissions. [Tweet, 3/10/2024]

“Save the Date #AmeriCorpsWeek l March 10-16 Join us to recognize and thank the #AmeriCorps members and volunteers who have continued to make a difference in our communities for the past 30 years! Learn how you can celebrate: #AmeriCorps30,“ said LA Public Health. [Tweet, 3/8/2024]

“Wow – SO many Minnesotans have chosen to serve with AmeriCorps since it began 30 years ago.  Alumni and members across MN, we are so grateful for your remarkable service! #AmeriCorpsWeek #AmeriCorpsWeek2024 #AmeriCorps30,“ said Serve Minnesota. [Tweet, 3/11/2024]

“AmeriCorps Week March 10-16 Celebrate 30 years of @AmeriCorps this AmeriCorps Week! Thank the millions of Americans who have worn the @AmeriCorps “A” to strengthen our communities, address our nation's most pressing issues, and transform the lives of those served and those,” said Serve Illinois. [Tweet, 3/11/2024]

“Happy #AmeriCorpsWeek! We are so proud of all of Massachusetts' amazing #AmeriCorps programs and the critical service they do every day to support communities across the Commonwealth. Stay tuned this week for member highlights and a special congressional guest!“ said Mass Service Alliance.  [Tweet, 3/12/2024]

“It's AmeriCorps Week! We're so grateful to have a team of hardworking vistas who faithfully serve across our city. #AmeriCorpsWeek @AmeriCorps,“ said City of Birmingham.  [Tweet, 3/12/2024]

“@AmeriCorps and @AmeriCorpsSr volunteers strengthen communities and tackle our nation's most pressing challenges through service every day. In honor of AmeriCorps Week, our nation's leaders recognize the impact made possible by these members and volunteers. #ServeFL #AmeriCorps30,“ said Volunteer Florida.  [Tweet, 3/12/2024]

“#AmeriThanks to the millions of @AmeriCorps members, @AmeriCorpsSr volunteers, and alums! Every day, these Americans choose to make a difference in our communities. Thank you for your #Service. #Repost to pass it on and learn more: #AmeriCorps30,“ said Georgia Department of Community Affairs.  [Tweet, 3/13/2024]

“Happy #AmeriCorpsWeek! The City proudly celebrates our dedicated Promise Zone AmeriCorps VISTAs. Over a dozen VISTAs have volunteered to work with the #SanDiego Promise Zone since its federal designation in 2016. Learn more about the program:,“ said City of San Diego. [Tweet, 3/14/2024]

“Happy AmeriCorps Week! From planting trees to doing river cleanups to hosting community nature tours, our Green Team has changed our community for the better! We are so thankful for these rockstars & this program by @VolunteerFL, @AmeriCorps, & our @TampaParksRec team,” said City Tampa. [Tweet, 3/15/2024]