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Submitted by nicky.campbell on Wed, 12/02/2020 - 09:50

Featured story

Coming off of 5 years of prison AmeriCorps was the only interview I sat in that I didn't feel judged. I didn't have much of a resume but I knew deep down inside of me I can and will be an asset to my community.

For forty years, since 1980, AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer Earnestine Williams has provided dedicated service to people with developmental disabilities.


Ernestine Williams

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer

John Riccio has a very big heart and acts on what his heart feels – dependably, with excellence, and without fanfare.  He is truly a bright “Point of Light.”


John Riccio

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer

Marshall has been an outstanding Senior Corps RSVP volunteer since 2015 and acts on his own power to do good every day.   


Marshall Allan

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer

Garry Miller has been volunteering with our Senior Corps RSVP program for two years, now as a Veterans Coffeehouse Volunte


Garry Miller

AmeriCorps member

Barry, a retired Navy veteran of 30 years, a Subvet Diver, and a beam of sunlight, has been a Senior Corps RSVP volunteer for two years at the Veterans Coffee House wh


Barry Russack

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer

Martha Gentry is a Senior Corps Foster Grandparent volunteer for the Butler County Foster Grandparent Program, where she will complete four years of service in November of 2


Martha Gentry

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer

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