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Every child gets the “Ms. Hatley experience” to ease their anxiety before seeing the doctor. I only see tears from the children when Mom or Dad tell them they must go home after the appointment.

Hazel Hatley

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer

"I’m really fortunate and blessed that God gave me the opportunity to do so much things for the community. At the end of a day of volunteering, I feel so happy."

Golden Girls Volunteer Group

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer

Ms. Cullum provides each student with love, patience, attention and encouragement, making each student feel special and unique. She is more than just a reading buddy—she is a mentor, friend and role model.

Gwen Cullum

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer

Lou is an advocate and hero to his clients by going the extra mile to take care of them.

Lou Lopez

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer

For 16 years, Al Olson, veteran of the Air Force, has been a dedicated AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer in the RSVP program.

Alfred Olson

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer

Fran has an endless, “Mary Poppins carpet bag” of time and energy to give to others. Even when her days are filled with other engagements, she has time to stop by our office to deliver thank you notes and donated items, always accompanied by a warm hug.

Frances Seeley

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer

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