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"This work keeps me connected to people who have faced or are facing significant obstacles in their lives. It is a tremendous joy that adds purpose and satisfaction to my life."

Andy Berman

General volunteer

“There is no more rewarding feeling than to know you had a direct effect on someone else’s happiness.”

Britani Lee-Carmichael

AmeriCorps member

My AmeriCorps experience gave me new purpose and a valuable new skillset.

Mike Bremer

AmeriCorps alumnus

His experience with AmeriCorps reminded Kevin to “redefine what it means to be ‘successful.’ You cannot dwell on what you cannot change, but you can use your ‘failures’ as motivation to drive towards your own definition of success.”

Kevin Miller

AmeriCorps alumnus

Joseph finds special meaning and value in serving impoverished youth because he grew up under similar conditions, and he views his AmeriCorps service as an opportunity to honor the dedication and sacrifice of 16 Marines from his unit that didn’t make it.

Joseph Clay

AmeriCorps member

It is a great opportunity to be able to help meet the needs of my fellow Veterans and take on the challenge of the AmeriCorps pledge to ‘get things done for America.

Loretta Coleman

AmeriCorps member

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