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Featured FAQs


In AmeriCorps NCCC, what is "transition"?

Transition is the period of time when teams return to campus between projects.  These periods are typically last between 3-9 days. During this time, teams debrief from the previous project, attend additional training, and prepare for the next project.

I am on leave from AmeriCorps NCCC and want to use marijuana. Could using marijuana while on leave affect me serving in AmeriCorps NCCC?

AmeriCorps NCCC members are subject to drug testing, including testing for marijuana usage. A positive test result, regardless of when the marijuana usage occurred, is grounds for an administrative proceeding.  AmeriCorps NCCC members, even when off duty or on leave, are not permitted to use marijuana or any other substance prohibited under federal law.

Does AmeriCorps NCCC allow transgender and gender non-conforming members to self-disclose their transgender or gender non-conforming identity?

Applicants must provide their sex assigned at birth (unless it has been legally changed) in the member portal when applying for AmeriCorps NCCC, in order to process an applicant’s background check. Currently there is no option available for incoming members to self- disclose their transgender or gender non-conforming identity on their application. Applicants can self-disclose if they wish, either by contacting their assigned region directly or by indicating their transgender or gender non-conforming identity on their Health Assessment and Planning form.

Does AmeriCorps provide child care benefits?

Child care allowance is available to members who are custodial or joint-custodial parents. The allowance is for expenses related to day care. Members who qualify for this benefit need to complete the necessary forms and provide proof of dependent children (i.e., birth certificate). More information about the Child Care Allowance.

Application process can be found at http://www.americorpschildcare.com/ or call 1-855-886-0687.

Children are not allowed to accompany members during the service term.

What holidays do AmeriCorps members have off?

AmeriCorps observes all official federal holidays. Any such holiday that occurs during the service term is considered paid time off. AmeriCorps NCCC residence halls remain open during federal holidays and any other breaks for members who wish to stay on campus. Members are responsible for any travel and transportation expenses during breaks.

Please note: Members or AmeriCorps NCCC teams may serve on a holiday if the grantee/sponsor requests so, if it is cost-effective for travel, or if a team is called on a disaster relief assignment. Disaster relief is a high priority for AmeriCorps NCCC and teams may be required to respond to a disaster at any time during their service term (including during previously scheduled holidays/breaks). This may alter published calendars, approved leave requests, and flight reservations.

What information do AmeriCorps NCCC members need to bring with me to campus?

Valid, government-issued photo ID: You must bring a Real ID compliant Driver’s license, U.S. passport or state-issued photo ID card and it must be valid through the end of your scheduled service term.

-You will not be able to board a domestic flight without a valid Real ID starting October 1, 2020.

Valid state copy of driving record (optional): This is only required if you are interested in driving the AmeriCorps NCCC vans. Your records can be obtained from the department of motor vehicles in your home state.

Personal checking account: Your Bi-weekly living allowance can only be deposited directly into a bank account under your name. If you do not have a bank account, you can sign up for one once you arrive on campus.

Will I have any free time?

In AmeriCorps NCCC, time not spent on the project site, in training, or fulfilling other team duties is considered free time for members. This is typically less than what an individual might have at other jobs. Members are asked to be flexible when deployed to disaster or assigned to a project that requires longer hours. The campus and the Team Leader ensure members have adequate rest and free time to maintain well-being. For other AmeriCorps programs, the serve-life balance may be closer to what an individual would experience in another job. Depending on your schedule, all time not serving with your grantee/sponsor organization is considered free time. Note: while serving in AmeriCorps, you represent the program and our nation throughout your service term.

What kind of training will I receive after I join AmeriCorps NCCC and am on campus?

That depends on your specific role and the program you serve in. Team Leaders receive a month long training, called Team Leader Training (TLT) that prepares them to support Corps Members arriving for CTI.

The Corps Training Institute (CTI), is held on campus, during the first 3.5 weeks after Corps Member arrival. The purpose of CTI is to introduce NCCC’s culture, procedures, and policies and provide Corps Members with the training necessary to complete their projects.

FEMA Corps Members complete an additional 7-10 day training, which targets specialized skills for work assignments relevant to FEMA Corps.

What will happen to my student loans when I’m in the AmeriCorps?

Most federally-guaranteed student loans are eligible for forbearance.  If your loan does not qualify for forbearance based on your AmeriCorps service, you may be eligible for another type of deferment or forbearance.  Contact your loan holder to determine eligibility and options.  The Trust can only pay accrued interest for qualified student loans.  If your loan is in default, it may not be eligible for forbearance.

You can apply for forbearance using your 
MyAmeriCorps account.

Contact your loan holder if you do not hear from them within four weeks of submitting the forbearance request.  

What are "Independent Service Projects"?

Independent Service Projects are volunteer opportunities that members arrange themselves that are separate from the day-to-day team project.  ISPs allow Members to expand on a personal area of interest or try something completely new.

Corps Members are required to complete at least 80 ISP hours prior to graduation. For FEMA Corps Members at least 10 of their ISP hours must be in either disaster preparation, response, and/or recovery work.

Although Team Leaders are exempt from the ISP requirement, they may choose to participate if it is involves something they are interested in and it does not interfere with other duties.

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