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Submitted by mbrodbeck on
The Middle with Jeremy Hobson

Do you feel a call to serve your country?

The Middle with Jeremy Hobson | March 29, 2024

This episode of The Middle asks: do you feel a call to serve your country? Host Jeremy Hobson is joined by AmeriCorps CEO Michael D. Smith and Major General (Ret.) Linda Singh.

Listen to the episode

How One Group is Helping New York City Students Reverse Pandemic Learning Loss

Elaine Quijano
CBS Evening News | March 21, 2024

School begins on a high note at Mosaic Preparatory Academy, an elementary school in New York City, where students are greeted like superstars. It's a stark contrast to four years ago, when the doors to New York City Public Schools were shuttered at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more on CBS Evening News.

Governor Abbott Appoints Six To Onestar National Service Commission

Office of the Texas Governor | March 18, 2024

Governor Greg Abbott appointed Jie Li and reappointed James Senegal to the OneStar National Service Commission for terms set to expire on March 15, 2026. The commission promotes volunteerism in Texas and oversees the administration of the AmeriCorps programs for the state. Read more on Office of the Texas Governor.

Ramsey County Hosts AmeriCorps Director Sonali Nijhawan in Celebration of Environmental Service

Zach White 
Hoodline.com | March 16, 2024

Green-thumbed young adults and local officials gathered in Ramsey County this week as the Parks and Recreation/Soil and Water Conservation welcomed AmeriCorps Director Sonali Nijhawan for a day of environmental enlightenment and acknowledgment of service. Read more on Hoodline.com

OPINION: AmeriCorps Seniors Help Others Enjoy Fuller, More Independent Lives

Anna M. Sanchez
Alburquerque Journal March 15, 2024

For over 10 years, Rosalba Salazar has been a volunteer with the AmeriCorps Seniors Companion Program through Albuquerque’s Department of Senior Affairs. Read more onAlburquerque Journal.

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