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Submitted by mbrodbeck on Wed, 12/08/2021 - 14:34
Public Health AmeriCorps is here!

CDC rolls out plan to boost public health workforce

Sarah Owermohle and Krista Mahr
Politico | April 6, 2022

CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, announced a tranche of grants aimed at building up the U.S. public health workforce through an initiative called Public Health AmeriCorps. The partnership between the CDC and AmeriCorps will fund up to 5,000 positions over the next five years, bolstering an under-resourced workforce.

Read more from politico.com

CATMEDIA Wins Eight Telly Awards for Excellence in Video Production

Yahoo Finance | June 2, 2022

CATMEDIA has emerged as a big winner for this year's prestigious Telly Awards, raking in an astounding eight statuettes. The AmeriCorps NCCC Stockton Food Bank video won silver for Cause Marketing. Read more on Yahoo Finance.

NFL Inspire Change: 21 Social Justice Grant Partners Extended

HBCU Legends 
Sports Illustrated | June 1, 2022 

As part of the NFL's Inspire Change social justice initiative, the league announced renewals of 21 national grant partners, totaling $6.5 million in donations. Read more at Sports Illustrated.

New Breed of American Leader

The Harvard Gazette | May 31, 2022

"Once again, we are facing an existential threat to the republic. Once again, we hear a clarion call for unity and action. Once again, we face the question: Will our citizenry answer the call?" Excerpted from “Hearts Touched with Fire: How Great Leaders Are Made” by David Gergen, professor of public service and founding director of the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School. Read more at The Harvard Gazette.

VOICES: You Can Help Disrupt Generational Poverty

Adam Blake and Laura Mercer 
Dayton Daily News | May 29 

On Memorial Day 2019, 19 tornadoes damaged nearly 6,000 homes in Dayton, Ohio. A coalition of the region’s non-profit organizations, was created to manage the recovery of tornado-impacted individuals and households and created opportunities for families to become first-time homeowners. Read more at  Dayton Daily News.

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