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Submitted by mbrodbeck on Wed, 12/08/2021 - 14:34
California Climate Action Corps fellows after completing a community composting project last month.

Civilian Climate Corps Programs Take Off in States Across The Country

Maxine Joselow
The Washington Post | October 14, 2022 

President Biden took office with plans to launch the first-ever Civilian Climate Corps, a federally funded initiative aimed at employing tens of thousands of young people to fight climate change. Across the country, states have launched similar programs to hire young people to tackle climate issues within their borders.

Read more on The Washington Post

AmeriCorps CEO Visits NYCHA-Based AmeriCorps Programs

The NYCHA Journal | December 28, 2022

As part of his visit to New York City on December 9, AmeriCorps CEO Michael D. Smith met with AmeriCorps members serving with Green City Force and NYCHA Health Corps, two NYCHA-partner AmeriCorps programs that work to foster leadership through public service. Read more on The NYCHA Journal.

The Secret Life of Plant Killers

Sonya Bennett-Brandt
Wired | December 22, 2022

To take out invasive species, the US relies on crews wielding hatchets, chainsaws, and herbicide. It’s a messy, fun job—but it may not be enough to stop the spread. Sonya joins Triston Kersenbrock and a crew of AmeriCorps members as they hunt the tree of heaven. Read more on Wired.

Volunteering May Improve Physical, Mental Health, Study Finds

Sally Hernandez
KXAN | December 13, 2022

Research shows the act of volunteering has both physical and mental health benefits. Atalaya Sergi, director of AmeriCorps Seniors, discusses how AmeriCorps Senior volunteers are making a difference in their community while benefiting themselves. Read more on KXAN.

Volunteering in Your Community Could Help with Depression

Kate Snow 
NBC News | December 5, 2022

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, many people around the world struggled with feelings of isolation from the loss of human connection. NBC News’ Kate Snow shares how volunteering in your community can reduce the risk of mortality and lower feelings of depression. Watch on ABC News.

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