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Submitted by nicky.campbell on Wed, 12/02/2020 - 09:50

Featured story

Coming off of 5 years of prison AmeriCorps was the only interview I sat in that I didn't feel judged. I didn't have much of a resume but I knew deep down inside of me I can and will be an asset to my community.

As a person dedicated to advancing my future career in public health through an extensive focus in academic studies, a position with AmeriCorps has allowed self-growth and valuable opportunities.


Anita Jones

AmeriCorps alumnus

Coming out of college, in the depth of the great recession, I knew I wanted to do something like Peace Corps.


Matt Loehman

AmeriCorps alumnus

I've always had a passion for service, and Habitat for Humanity and affordable housing were things I was always interested in.


Nick Paulson

AmeriCorps alumnus

AmeriCorps has changed my life by giving me the opportunity to be a leader in the community.


Justin Baker

AmeriCorps alumnus

After graduating from Howard University where the motto is Truth and Service, I didn't want to chase a corporate dream. I wanted to help other children achieve their dreams.


Jaelen Buxton-Punch

AmeriCorps member

AmeriCorps changed my life. Through AmeriCorps I was able to earn my high school diploma, gain great life skills and enroll in college.


Paola Flores

AmeriCorps alumnus

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Samantha Jo Warfield
(202) 606-6775

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