Volunteering in America

We urge you to be a part of Volunteering in America by serving in your community throughout the year. Please visit our serve and volunteer pages for more information and to find opportunities near you.

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This report is the most comprehensive look at Volunteering in America. Data includes volunteer rates, rankings, trends, and demographics represented nationally, by state, and in major metropolitan areas.


Highlighted research

Volunteering as a pathway to employment

Research from AmeriCorps on the link between volunteering and employment provides the most compelling empirical evidence to date that unemployed individuals who volunteer increase the odds that they will get a job.

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Community factors that influence volunteering

This report uncovers what factors can influence a community’s volunteer rate. A variety of items, such as average commute times and average levels of education in a community, can help us predict and understand the level of service and volunteering in an area. (released 2007)